Here's another dance mix by DJ Arty Simon. We hope you're dancing the Summer Haze away.
     This week's Champagne Manhattan #7 features our very own Lou Christie with a hot song of his that will get you up off you're seat & start to feel the heat. 
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Champagne Manhattan
Disco Mix #7
Lou Christie - I Carry The Music, 
MFSB-  K-Jee, 
Cherrelle - Didn't Mean To Turn You On
Street People  - Your My One Weakness
Champagne Manhattan # 7Arty Simon DiscoMix #7
00:00 / 09:47
     The Disco is just starting to heat up and it's week six already.  How do we know that?  Because here is this weeks Champagne Manhattan #6 mixed up by the DJ Mixologist himself ... Arty Simon.    But first Lou gives you a little backstory to set the scene.  So put on those dancing shoes & get some "More More More" !!! 
Champagne Manhattan
Disco Mix #6
Andrea True Connection  - More, 
More, More
Shirley & Company  -Shame, Shame,
Bee Gees  - More Than A Woman
Ecstasy Passion & Pain   -Ask Me
Travares  - Only Takes A Minute
Electric Light Orchestra - Shine A 
Little Love
Champagne Manhattan # 6Disco Mix #6
00:00 / 12:11
     We're in the middle of the summer folks and here's this weeks Disco mix from DJ Arty Simon ... to heat things up.  Champagne Manhattan #5 will get you off the couch & help you remember those hot summer nights of yesteryear.
Champagne Manhattan
Disco Mix #5 
Shalamar  - Night To Remember
Odyssey  - Inside Out
Slave - Watching You
Change  - Paradise
Chic  - Good Times
Champage Manhattan # 5 Disco Mix#5
00:00 / 11:32
     Mix in some Donna Summer, Madonna, Michael Jackson, with a shot of Double Exposure & the Bee Gees all riding on the D-Train and what do you have?       The ingredients for this week's Champagne Manhattan Dance Mix by Arty Simon. ( #4 )     Enjoy & Dance the Night Away!!!
Champagne Manhattan
Disco Mix #4 
Donna Summer  - This Time I Know
It's For Real
Bee Gees - Can't Keep A Good
Man Down
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 
' Til You Get Enough
Madonna- Holiday
D- Train - You're The One For Me
Double Exposure-  10%
Champagne Manhattan #4Disco Mix
00:00 / 11:28

     What does a cocktail consisting of equal parts; Barry White, Gloria Gaynor, France Joli with a little Taste of Honey mixed in have in common? 

Answer: They are the ingredients in this weeks Champagne Manhattan!!! 

We wish you could all join us in one.

     Lou's favorite Arty Simon's mix #3 is featured this week.  This 70's Dance mix is maybe the one that will help you find your dancing shoes & dance the night away.

Champagne Manhattan
Disco Mix #3
 Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie  
 France Joli - Come to Me 
 Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say 
Barry White - Let the Music
Arty Simon Disco Mix 3
00:00 / 12:35
 For More Go to Lou Christie's 
& Country 
Picks page 
Illustrated Musical Instruments

    Here's our Double Doo Wop selection for ISHBAH this week. These two great groups set the pace for all the music that followed.

    We "Sincerely" believe that these songs are on the right track to Make You Sing Again.

    Sing some Doo Wop baby when you get the Blues. 

 June 6, 2021
 Double Doo Wop
 The Moonglows
 The Flamingos 
Lou's Double Doo WopTheMoonglows&TheFlamingos
00:00 / 07:16

    Here Comes Summer!  

          Catch the wave. 

     Here's a song-video we think will get you in the mood to kick up some sand. 

             (Click Photo)

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    This is the country band that got Lou into country music in the first place. From the hills of Tennessee to the steel mills of Pittsburgh ...  Abby Neil and the Ranch Girls.

    Lou's path led him to the stage of The Grand Ole Opry  where he sang our second tune in his new Podcast.  Listen to it all here on ISBAH.  It's ten minutes well spent.

Queen of the Purple SageLou Christie
00:00 / 10:01
 For more Go to Lou Christie's 
Country & 
Disco Picks page 
Illustrated Musical Instruments

       The seasons may change but this guys voice is always right for any season.

        Here's one of his songs that didn't quite reach the heights his major hits did but it is well deserving of a second listen here on ...

It SHOULD Have Been a HIT!

Play Back Sunday
" I Make a Fool of Myself " 
 ~ Frankie Valli ~
I Make A Fool Of MyselfFrankie Valli
00:00 / 05:53

      Here's a Double Doo Wop from the early rock and roll archives.   

      The first song is from The Flamingos ... one of the premiere vocal groups of the 50's & 60's.  

      The Next tune is from a group very few have ever heard of ... The Quin-Tones. This song from 1958 is their only hit.  It sold close to a million copies from which they received no royalties.

      Give these two songs a listen.  They deserve it.

New Pick-from Lou
Double Doo Wop
" Love Walked In "
~The Flamingos ~
" Down the Aisle of Love "
~The Quin-Tones ~
Love Walked In/Down the Aisle of LoveThe Flamingos/The Quin-Tones
00:00 / 07:23
       You have a Backstage pass to Lou Christie's interview with Lesley Gore from backstage at the Holiday Star Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana on February 17, 1990.
Backstage Pass with Lou Christie
Lou Christie's intervieww/Lesley Gore
00:00 / 15:12
  Listen to all the songs from Lou's Album           ~Paint America Love~

To read what Lou has to say about his Site

Thanks for taking a spin on Lou Christie says......."It Should Have Been a Hit!"


Lou Christie says... 
"It Should Have Been a Hit " 
Lou Christie Says...
" It Should Have Been a Hit ! "