The first song in this week's Double Doo Wop selection is from one of the first female Doo Wop groups. These talented girls now have a street named for them in the Bronx.
    Lou's second pick is from a legendary vocal group from Pittsburgh willing to go their "Lonely Way".
   Don't be lonely ... join us here at ISHBAH and reminisce about the days when all we needed was a great song to make our day.
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Play Back Sunday 
Double Doo Wop
"Every Night (I Pray)"
~The Chantels~
"Lonely Way"
~The Skyliners~
The Chantels-The Skyliners finalThe Chantels & The Skyliners
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    Thanks for joining us here this Summer for our series Champagne Manhattan with  DJ Arty Simon. Summer's over and we are going back to our roots with a Double Doo Wop we hope you enjoy.
     It's another Double helping of Doo Wop from two of the earliest Doo Wop groups. Both were formed in the mid 50's.  One from San Bernardino California and the other from Harlem in New York.   These groups helped to spread Doo Wop across America from sea to shining sea.

   Their classic 50s vocal harmonies & sound led straight to the coming soul era of music.  Lou covered one of these songs on his Roulette Records album.

Play Back Sunday 
Double Doo Wop
"To Be Loved"
~The Pentagons~
"Don't Ask Me"
~The Dubs~
The Pentagons-The DubsDouble DooWop
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     When you're Young and in Love it's time to Turn the Beat Around.     This week's Champagne Manhattan #10 certainly is a Bitch of a Fantasy and That's the Way I Like it.     This DJ Arty Simon's mix kicks off with an unreleased song from our own Lou Christie ... takes you on a journey through Soul Makossa all the way to the Car Wash.     What a ride!!! Enjoy!
Champagne Manhattan
Disco Mix #10
Lou Christie- Bitch of Fantasy
K.C. & The Sunshine Band - That's The Way I Like It
Rose Royce - Car Wash
Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa
Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn the Beat Around 
Ralph Carter - When You're Young And In Love
Champagne Manhattan DISCO Mix#10
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     Here's another dance mix by DJ Arty Simon. We hope you're dancing the Summer Haze away.     This week's Champagne Manhattan #7 features our very own Lou Christie with a hot song of his that will get you up off you're seat & start to feel the heat. 
Champagne Manhattan
Disco Mix #7
Lou Christie - I Carry The Music, 
MFSB-  K-Jee, 
Cherrelle - Didn't Mean To Turn You On
Street People  - Your My One Weakness
Champagne Manhattan#7w/LOU!Arty Simon DiscoMix #7
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Illustrated Musical Instruments

    Here's our Double Doo Wop selection for ISHBAH this week. These two great groups set the pace for all the music that followed.

    We "Sincerely" believe that these songs are on the right track to Make You Sing Again.

    Sing some Doo Wop baby when you get the Blues. 

 June 6, 2021
 Double Doo Wop
 The Moonglows
 The Flamingos 
Lou's Double Doo WopTheMoonglows&TheFlamingos
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    This is the country band that got Lou into country music in the first place. From the hills of Tennessee to the steel mills of Pittsburgh ...  Abby Neil and the Ranch Girls.

    Lou's path led him to the stage of The Grand Ole Opry  where he sang our second tune in his new Podcast.  Listen to it all here on ISBAH.  It's ten minutes well spent.

Queen of the Purple SageLou Christie
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 For more Go to Lou Christie's 
Country & 
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Illustrated Musical Instruments

       The seasons may change but this guys voice is always right for any season.

        Here's one of his songs that didn't quite reach the heights his major hits did but it is well deserving of a second listen here on ...

It SHOULD Have Been a HIT!

Play Back Sunday
" I Make a Fool of Myself " 
 ~ Frankie Valli ~
I Make A Fool Of MyselfFrankie Valli
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       You have a Backstage pass to Lou Christie's interview with Lesley Gore from backstage at the Holiday Star Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana on February 17, 1990.
Backstage Pass with Lou Christie
Lou Christie's intervieww/Lesley Gore
00:00 / 15:12
  Listen to all the songs from Lou's Album           ~Paint America Love~

To read what Lou has to say about his Site

Thanks for taking a spin on Lou Christie says......."It Should Have Been a Hit!"


Lou Christie says... 
"It Should Have Been a Hit " 
Lou Christie Says...
" It Should Have Been a Hit ! "