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Archive Song Picks 89-99

   Here's Lou's picks #98 & #99.  It's another Double helping of Doo Wop from two of the earliest Doo Wop groups  Both were formed in the mid 50's.  One from San Bernardino California and the other from Harlem in New York.   These groups helped to spread Doo Wop across America from sea to shining sea.
   Their classic 50s vocal harmonies & sound led straight to the coming soul era of music.  Lou covered one of these songs on his Roulette Records album.
   Lou's song pick #100 is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Be sure to stay tuned to ISHBAH to find out what this milestone pick of Lou's is.
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Song Picks # 98 & 99
   The Pentagons & The Dubs
The Pentagons & The Dubs
00:00 / 08:43
     Here's Lou's pick on this Play Back Sunday.  It's from five Pittsburgh teenagers who started harmonizing in Clairton High School in 1958. They were produced by Lennie Martin, the producer of The Skyliners.
   Although they achieved regional success with a couple of their songs on Robbee Records we feel that this song of theirs should have gone national and become a much bigger hit for them.
   Give it a second listen here on ISHBAH.
Play Back Sunday
" Miss You "
~ The Holidays ~
MISS YOUThe Holidays
00:00 / 02:40
     Here are two rock solid Doo Wop entries for Lou's Song Picks #96 & #97 ... 
from one of the first Girl Doo Wop groups from Da Bronx & the other from the seminal Doo Wop group from Lou's favorite music city, Pittsburgh.
   Give this Double Doo Wop a listen for yourself.
Song Picks # 96 & 97
~ The Chantels & The Skyliners ~
The Chantels-The Skyliners
00:00 / 08:24
       We got such a great response from our first Double Doo Wop that we're doubling down on Doo Wop again this week.
    Here's our second helping of great Doo Wop Groups for your listening pleasure ...
The Moonglows & The Five Satins.
Moonglows&Five Satins.PNG
Song Picks # 94 & 95
~ The Moonglows & The Five Satins ~
The Moonglows-The Five Satins
00:00 / 08:07
       If anything can cure what's wrong with the world ... Doo Wop Can Do It.
    Here's Lou's Double Shot of Doo Wop for you. 
    Anyone can sing along ... it's fun. Try it you'll see.
      Be a Doo Wop Baby on It Should Have Been a Hit!
Song Picks # 92 & 93
~ The Jacks & The Penguins ~
The Jacks-The Penguins
00:00 / 08:05
     Seasons may change but this guy's voice soars above the Seasons of the Year. 
Many years in fact ... over a half a century and still going strong.  
    This song is Lou's 91st song pick on It Should Have Been a Hit.
     Why wasn't it a hit you ask ? We're not sure.
Song Pick 91
" I Make a Fool of Myself "
~ Frankie Valli  ~
I Make a Fool of MyselfFrankie Valli
00:00 / 05:53
   Here is Song Pick  # 90 for  ISHBAH...and it's a "doozy". 
    This week Lou also recommends his first Movie Pick.
     Listen here and give these picks a listen & a look-see.
Song Pick 90
" Keep On Dancing "
~ The Ronettes ~
Keep On DancingThe Ronettes
00:00 / 06:21
  Here's Lou's first song pick since the pandemic quarantine.  He's finally able to get back in the studio and record his new song picks.
    This song is from one of the top back up singers in the biz.  She sang with many of the top acts in the business including Lou.  She may never have had a hit on her own but she sang back up on countless hits over her career.  
    Clydie passed away last year.  
     This song of hers Should Have Been a Hit.
Song Pick 89
" He Always Comes Back to Me "
~ Clydie King ~
He Always Comes Back to MeClydie King
00:00 / 09:01
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