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    Songs #46- #50  & Play Back Sunday Posts

Hey folks...we've reached a bit of a milestone here at "It Should Have Been a Hit".  Here's our 50th song pick...hope you've enjoyed going along on this ride with me through the history of some great songs.

We have some new things coming up including a new Top Ten List compiled from your votes.

Stay tuned to "It Should Have Been a Hit" for updates... I'll keep you in the loop... Lou


Song #50

" Bad Weather "

~ The Supremes  ~

" Bad Weather " - The Supremes
  Martha & The Vandellas, members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame had them "Dancing in the Streets"...
on this Play Back Sunday take another spin on their song "Bless You" here on...
   It Should Have Been a Hit.
"Bless You" - `Martha & The Vandellas
I'd like to welcome 2019 with a song of mine.
Give it a listen & give it a vote here at ...It Should Have Been a Hit.
Song #49
"Outside the Gates of Heaven"
~ Lou Christie ~
"Outside the Gates of Heaven" - ~Lou Christie
I like Play Back Sundays... I get to sit back and take another spin on a good song that got lost in the shuffle.  I submit that sometimes you need to take a step back, take another listen...then move on...into the New Year that is.
This Play Back Sunday song by Roy Orbison was number one on our 'first' top ten list.
By the way a new song pick is going up tomorrow night, New Years's one of mine this time.  Give it a listen and cast your vote...hit or miss.  As always your vote counts here on ISHBAH. 
A Love So Beautiful - Roy Orbison
Here's a pick from another Pittsburgh group, The Chaps. 
Their song , "They'll Never Be"
is a undiscovered gem from the Pittsburgh School of Backseat Music.  Let's go on a musical expedition together here at
It Should Have Been A Hit
and discover it... 
Song #48
"They'll Never Be" 
~The Chaps~
They'll Never Be - The Chaps
Walk with the Wind... I think this time of year it's more like bundle up against that cold wind blowing.  On this Play Back Sunday, give this Fidelitys' song a second listen.
"Walk With the Wind" - The Fidelitys
I'm sure we all remember slow dancing to Santo & Johnnys' song "Sleepwalk"...and don't try telling me you don't remember that feeling you got dancing to that song.  Now here's a Santo & Johnny song that slipped through the cracks. Give it a listen and let me know if you think...yeah, it should have been a hit.
Song #47
" Santo & Johnny"
" Tear Drop"
"Tear Drop" - Santo & Johnnny
Formed in Harlem's Cooper Junior High School in 1954, The School Boys predate the more successful group Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers. They had a regional hit with "Shirley" and on this Play Back Sunday I think it deserves another spin. 
Shirley - The School Boys
Two sets of sisters and to top that off the Ganser sisters were identical about a family affair. This edgy quartet from Queens New Yawk became... The Shangri-Las...the leaders of the pack. Here's a song of theirs that was ahead of it's time...then again it still might be. Give "Past Present & Future" a spin and see if you think "It Should Have Been a Hit" always your vote counts here...
                                 Thanks for listening -Lou
  Song #46
" Past Present & Future"
~ The Shangri-Las ~
Past Present & Future - The Shangri-Las
It's fall and we just turned the clocks back. Can be winter be far behind...brrr. It's time to cozy up, batten down the hatches, & give a second listen to some great old tunes. Here's one from Dusty Springfield that in my humble should have been a hit.
Here's our playback Sunday song
"I Wish I'd Never Loved You"  
"I Wish I'd Never Loved You" - Dusty Springfield

  Lou Christie's ~ JUKE BOX TOP 10 ~

Here is our Second TOP TEN list from YOUR Votes. 

As always your votes count here @

Take a spin! Click on the Gramophone icon for the
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Thanks for taking a spin on Lou Christie says......."It Should Have Been a Hit!"


Lou Christie says... 
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Lou Christie Says...
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