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Song Picks # 72-77
 &  2019  Holiday song posts
      Imagine this ... a songwriting hit machine and an awesome singer with a repertoire of hit songs written by the aforementioned songwriters and yet no Hit with This.        
     C'mon ... You need to check it out here on ISHBAH and give it another listen on this Play Back Sunday.
 What do you think Boobala ? 
   thanks as always ~ Lou
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Play Back Sunday  
" How Many Days of Sadness "
~ Dionne Warwick ~
How Many Days of SadnessDionne Warwick
00:00 / 04:28
I was California dreamin' on such a winter's day
getting a cocoa butter tan working up a sweat in a most pleasant way.
    Here is a song I wrote for the official Malibu Beach video.
Give it a listen • Vote
    Thanks as always
            ~ Lou
Song Pick #77
"Summer in Malibu"
~ Lou Christie ~
Summer In MalibuLou Christie
00:00 / 05:24
    On this Play Back Sunday here is something different. It's an adaptation of an ancient (peyote) chant which I believe was the first Native American chant to be played on pop radio. 
    This is the extended version that I think is well worth the time spent listening to and contemplating the inner feeling of peace that I feel this chant conjures up. 
Thanks  ~ Lou
Play Back Sunday  
" Witchi Tia To " 
~ Jim Pepper ~
Witchi Tia ToJim Pepper
00:00 / 09:36
  This is one of the first female doo-wop groups. This song of theirs became the first record to be written & performed, with any degree of success, by a group of young black women.  This version of their song made the R&B top ten in 1954.  I feel it should have crossed over and hit the National Charts.
   Give it a Listen & Vote here on:
Thanks as always ~Lou
Song Pick #76
~Shirley Gunter & The Queens~
OPP SHOOPShirley Gunter
00:00 / 04:15
   This song produced by Ray Davies of The Kinks was released in 1969. 

   It only reached # 51 on The Billboard Chart. 

   With it’s killer hook & outstanding vocal arrangements I’ve always thought that this tune should have been a monster hit.

   On this Play Back Sunday give it another spin & listen …  see if you feel

“It Should Have Been a Hit.”

     ~ Lou

Play Back Sunday  
" You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain "  
~ The Turtles ~
You Don't Have to Walk in the RainThe Turtles
00:00 / 03:41
    I'm happy and proud to say ...
It Should Have Been a Hit is three years old.  The music of that era blasting out of that little dashboard speaker had the power to move & influence us and this gal's voice came across that dashboard crystal clear.       
   You knew what she was saying in a voice that cuts through the airwaves.  I'm proud to call her a true friend and a great partner on stage.
    This is my song pick #75 ... Give it a Listen ... Give it a Vote.
    Thanks as always ~ Lou
Song Pick #75
" Treat Me Like A Lady "
~ Lesley Gore ~
Treat Me Like a LadyLesley Gore
00:00 / 05:58

   Here’s a song from a legendary female singer from England who many would agree is the finest white soul singer in her generation … I know I agree with that estimation. 

   On This Play Back Sunday see if you also agree with me that this song of her’s … Should Have Been a Hit.  

Thanks for Listening ~ Lou

Play Back Sunday  
"I Wish I'd Never Loved You"  
~ Dusty Springfield ~
I Wish I'd Never Loved YouDusty Springfield
00:00 / 04:50

       This singer from Liverpool

was touted as the fifth Beatle having had major chart success with a number of Lennon/McCartney 

compositions in the 60’s.  

     Here’s a recent release of his that is worthy of a listen and a decision.   

    You can give it a vote here on ISHBAH.


Thanks as always for listening .

~ Lou

Song Pick #74
" To Liverpool With Love "
~ Billy J. Kramer ~
Billy J. KramerBilly J Kramer
00:00 / 06:22
    I cut this song with the Wrecking Crew in L. A. in 1966.  That's when cars were cars and drive in-movies were where we spent warm summer nights.
   The Army called and I went away ... leaving behind my XKE and my girl ... what could go wrong?  
    Oh Well at least I got a good song out of it ...
    Give it a listen on this Play Back Sunday.
     Thanks  ~Lou
Play Back Sunday  
" If My Car Could Only Talk " 
~ Lou Christie ~
If My Car Could Only Talk Lou Christie
00:00 / 04:25
    Here's our first song pick for the New Year.  It’s my song pick # 73  by an extremely talented singer, producer and 60’s TV show host who had 9 songs of 

his reach the top 100.  

   This song of his has Hit written All Over It … It reached # 46 but I feel it should have been much bigger … What do you think? 


Give it a Listen & Give it a Vote here on ISHBAH. 


   Thanks for listening ~ Lou 

Song Pick #73
"Every Day I Have to Cry"
~ Steve Alaimo ~
Every Day I Have to Cry Steve Alaimo
00:00 / 04:49
Here’s our last song pick for 2019.

It’s one of mine this time.  

    Epic Records had a great idea to help launch it across the country in 1976 but politics as usual got in the way of those best-laid plans.        

    Give it a listen now and let me know if you still want to catch a ride with me “Riding in my Van”.

   Thanks for listening to ISHBAH in 2019 and keep your ears 

tuned in for 2020. 

   ~ Lou

Song Pick #72
"Riding In My Van"
~ Lou Christie ~
Lou Christie-Riding In My Van.mp3Lou Christie
00:00 / 05:28
Here is a song that I wrote to help keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in New York City in the aftermath of 911
...  give it a listen 
      ~ Lou
"Christmas in New York"
~ Lou Christie ~
Christmas in New YorkLou Christie
00:00 / 02:52

Right around Christmas is a good time to stop and listen to the soundtrack of your life ... I don't know about you but there's 

a soundtrack of music streaming;  pardon the pun, thru my mind pretty much 24/7 ... yep even while I'm sound asleep.

Here are some tunes from the soundtrack of my life.  The songs that hang around my ear space especially at Christmas.  Give this Podcast episode a listen when you want to get in the mood of the season.

Lou Christie Xmas.mp3Lou Christie
00:00 / 10:00

This female group from Baltimore was a mixture of the “Sweet Soul Sound” of Motown & The Girl Group Harmonies of the early 60’s.

At times the sound is reminiscent of Little Anthony & the Imperials and since they were produced by Little Anthony’s producer … Brooklyn’s own Teddy Randazzo,  that makes perfect sense.

Give it another listen here on this Play Back Sunday. 


Thanks for listening ~ Lou

Play Back Sunday  
" l Want to Meet Him "
~ The Royalettes ~
I Want to Meet HimThe Royallettes
00:00 / 04:16
This  "Band of Gold" singer is as hot as always on this track that I believe ... should have been a hit.
Give it another spin on this Play Back Sunday. 
        ~ Lou
Play Back Sunday
"Unhooked Generation"
 ~Freda Payne~
Unhooked GenerationFreda Payne
00:00 / 03:34
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