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Check out this wonderful;  in my humble opinion, song from this perky girl group 

from the town of Hanover Pennsylvania. 

I hope you enjoy it ... however I sure hope the title of this song of theirs is not 

a harbinger of things to come.


Thanks for listening ~ Lou 


Song Pick #71

 ~The Pixies Three~

" Cold Cold Winter "
Cold Cold WinterThe Pixies Three
00:00 / 04:26
On this Play Back Sunday give this famous Motown Brother a second listen ... this song jingled the air waves a bit back in the day but I still feel it should have been a much bigger hit than it was ... what say you?
Thank for listening a second time ~
Play Back Sunday
"Hold On To My Love"
~ Jimmy Ruffin ~
Hold On To My LoveJimmy Ruffin
00:00 / 04:46
   I remember slow dancing to this song way back when ... it's  "A Million to One"  that I will ever forget that feeling ... this top ten song brings those great days back to life ... it was a big hit back then and it's just as big a hit today in my book ... is it still a hit to you?
Thanks for Listening - Lou
jimmy Charles.JPG
 Song Pick #70
" A Million to One"
 ~ Jimmy Charles ~
A Million to OneJimmy Charlse
00:00 / 04:52

   It’s OK on this PBS to take a minute and give this song by a legendary group who created & owned their own musical genre “surf rock”.  

   For the life of me I can’t understand why this song is not among their upper echelon hits … maybe you can tell me ~ check it out


~ Thanks Lou 

 Play Back Sunday
 "It's OK"
 ~ The Beach Boys ~
"It's OK "The Beach Boys
00:00 / 03:54
These good looking twins from Long Island had awesome harmonies, great songs & great arrangements. 
I think this song of their's should have been a hit.
    Give my 69th song pick a listen & a vote here on
'It Should Have Been a Hit'
     ~ Lou
 Song Pick #69
" Oh, Lori "
 ~ The Alessi Brothers ~
Oh, LoriAlessi Brothers
00:00 / 05:16
Rock Royalty on this song sing ... however No Brass Ring.
What's up with that? Give it another spin on this Play Back Sunday.
 Thanks  ~ Lou

 Play Back Sunday

 " Let Me Wake Up in Your Arms "
 ~ LULU & The Bee Gees ~
Let Me Wake Up In Your ArmsMerge.mp3LuLu & The Bee Gees
00:00 / 05:01

These five teens began singing together at Clairton High School in 1958.  Their producer, Lennie Martin, gave them the wall of sound that he originated with the Skyliners. 

This song of theirs, on Robbee Records, deserves a spin. I think it should have been a hit.  What do you think?

     Thanks   ~Lou


 Song Pick  #68

 "Lonely Summer"

~ The Holidays ~ 

Lonely SummerThe Holidays
00:00 / 04:51

Here's a gal from a 60's girl group who ventured out on her own with songs written by Carole King  & Gerry Goffin ... not too shabby. 

This song was my song pick #13 way back when and I believe it deserves another listen here on ...

Play Back Sunday.

Thanks for Listening ~ Lou


 This Play Back Sunday song was my pick #13 ... time for another spin 



~ Earl Jean McCrea ~

RANDYEarl Jean McCrea
00:00 / 03:12

This Grammy winning brother & sister duo from Niagara Falls New York had a string of Billboard hits.  Here's one of theirs that I feel should have gone higher up the charts ... give it a spin.

   Thanks ~ Lou


 Song Pick #67 

 "All Strung Out"

~ Nino Tempo & April Stevens ~

All Strung OutNino Tempo & April Stevens
00:00 / 05:42

This far out song from an edgy quartet consisting of two sets of sister from Queens New Yawk was ahead of it's time and it still may be be ... check it out on this Play Back Sunday on It Should Have Been A Hit .com

      Thanks for listening 



Play Back Sunday

" Past Present & Future "

~ The Shangri- Las ~

The Shangri-Las.mp3The Shangri-Las
00:00 / 04:41

This member of the Song Writers Hall of Fame had numerous hits in the early years of Rock and Roll. 

Here's one of his songs that didn't quite crack the Top Forty ... but I think should have ... give it listen & cast your vote.

   ~ Lou


Song Pick #66

"The Way of The Clown"

Teddy Randazzo

The Way of The ClownTeddy Randazzo
00:00 / 04:42

Give this group a listen on this Play Back Sunday ...

their name came from a fabric ... and they are a part of the fabric of early Rock & Roll.

     thanks ~ Lou


Play Back Sunday

~ Going Places ~

The Orlons

Going Places ~The Orlons
00:00 / 03:51

Here's a great song ...

from a great group 

from a great music City.

On this Play Back Sunday ...

sit back close your eyes let these guys

take you back to where you once belonged.

   ~ Lou


Play Back Sunday

" Close Your Eyes "

The Skyliners

"Close Your Eyes"The Skyliners
00:00 / 04:47

I like Candy 

I like Kisses

How about you ...

Give this song a listen ... It's got Hit written all over It

Shake Yer Booty Baby ...



Song Pick #65

" The 81 "

Candy and the  Kisses

"The 81"Candy and the Kisses
00:00 / 05:08

Here's a Santo & Johnny song that slipped through the cracks a while back  ... Give it a another Listen on this Play Back Sunday here on ... It Should Have Been a Hit.

    Thanks~ Lou


 Play Back Sunday


 Santo & Johnny

TeardropSanto & Johnny
00:00 / 04:00

Lesley Gore was a teenager from New Jersey ... Her songs captured the moment of time when girls were just starting to find their wings ... Her songs stood for women everywhere to stand up for and assert their rights. No one was gonna push Lesley around. 

She was at the forefront of the feminist awareness movement and I am proud & happy to call her a true friend of mine.

Here is the B-side of one of her biggest hits ... and in my humble opinion ... it's the better song ...what say you?


Song Pick #64

 "The Old Crowd"

 ~Lesley Gore~

The Old CrowdLesley Gore
00:00 / 04:12

A relatively unknown teenage group from Los Angeles ranging in age from 12 to 17 ... entered the National Top 25 briefly in the summer of 1956 with their first release "Casual Look".

Their next song only reached regional hit status in Hawaii.

Check out their follow-up song here on ISHBAH.

It's very catchy and will stick in your head in a good way; for a good while ... like a Hit Should!

    ~ Lou


Six Teens.JPG

 Play Back Sunday

 "Send Me Flowers"

  The Six Teens

"Send Me Flowers"The Six Teens
00:00 / 02:07

This song by a Brooklyn 60's girl group is about family tradition and the festival of life ... from a time past.   

The lyrics tell the story of Johnny and Louise's wedding day ... it has a catchy melody & quirky Middle Eastern feel with harpsichord, bouzouki, jew's harp and rock guitar.

It's become somewhat of a cult hit over the years ...

Give it a listen here on ...

It Should Have Been a Hit

        -    Lou


 Song Pick #63

  ~ Shoes ~

 Reparata & The Delrons

ShoesReparata & the Delrons
00:00 / 04:31

    This group emanated from the Motor City and recorded all their hits on Berry Gordy's Motown Records  ...   

Two of their singles were included in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's 500 songs that Shaped Rock and Roll ... They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, becoming the second all-female group to be inducted ...

This record was produced by the Jackson 5's producers, The Corporation, and although it made waves internationally it failed to crack the top forty in the USA ...

It Should have been a hit ... so say I ... Give it another spin on this Play Back Sunday ...

             -   LOU


this Play Back Sunday

 Give it another Spin

  ~ Bless You ~

Martha & The Vandellas

~ Bless You ~ - Martha & The Vandellas

This song is ...         

Off The Chart !!!

Give it a listen here ...


               - LOU


Song Pick #62

~ I Want to Meet Him ~

The Royalettes

~ I Want to Meet Him ~ - The Royalettes

Here's a song by a sharecropper's

son from Texas who had major signature hits in the 70's.  You know his music & you know who he is.

Why this song wasn't another major hit for this guy in this crazy music business that we all love & hate I don't think I'll ever figure out ...on this Play Back Sunday ... you go figure  ... Lou


 Play Back Sunday ...

~ Who's Lovin' You ~

   Dobie Gray 

Who's Lovin' You - Dobie Gray

Here's a song for your

consideration by a singer who left Motown ...

went to London and found success there in the 80's ... It's a great song; sung by a great singer and it deserves a listen here on It Should Have Been A Hit.

             Thanks-   Lou


Song  #61

~ Hold On To My Love ~

Jimmy Ruffin

Hold On To My Love - Jimmy Ruffin
Hey there music fans ... on this First Play Back Sunday of Summer ...
What's better than the Beach Boys?   
It's Ok with me ... Is it OK with you?
       ~ Lou
Play Back Sunday
Give this one a spin
The Beach Boys
~ It's OK ~
" It's OK " - The Beach Boys
" I'm Lovin' Summer " 
        - Lou
 Click on Photo to play
    with Lou Christie 
     Here's a spot we put together here at 'It Should Have Been a Hit' from the East Coast Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Wildwood, NJ on June 5.
We all had a Blast !!!
Check it out ...  I say ... This Night was a Hit.
Thanks - Lou
~The Clouds of Rock Roll On~ - Lou Christie
Here's a song that became a top five hit for the British group Bananarama in 1982 ...
but this group released it first in 1965 and I always thought it should have been a big hit for them back then.
Give it a listen and see what you think.
Thanks- Lou
It's Play Back Sunday- give The Velvelettes another spin!
"He Was Really Sayin' Something" - ~The Velvelettes~
Here's a medley for your consideration ... two great songs sung by two singers who really loved to sing together ... I think you know who they are.   
It's our 60th song pick here on "It Should Have Been a Hit" ... Give it a Listen.
Song  #60
~ Lou Christie
& Leslie Gore ~
Imagine this ... a hit songwriting team ... a singer  with a string of hits written by the aforementioned songwriters and yet no hit ... or better yet check it out on ISHBAH and give it another listen on this Play Back Sunday ...
    thanks- Lou
Take an other spin on...Dionne Warwick's
" How Many Days of Sadness"
"How Many Days of Sadness - Dionne Warwick
Here's one of mine that just came out ... give it a listen  ...  Should it be a hit?   
     -  Lou
Song #59
"Techno Pop"
~ Lou Christie ~
Techno Pop - Lou Christie
A top vocal talent with a legendary million selling group singing a song written by a great songwriter with million selling hits ... produced and backed with the sounds of Motown and yet another great tune gets lost in the shuffle.
Give this one a second chance on  ISHBAH.
Thank - Lou
Play Back Sunday
On and Off
David Ruffin
"On and Off" - David Ruffin
The timeless harmonies & melodies of the Skyliners will never die ... no matter what this next song title suggests ... this tune never reached the heights back in the day but a new day is dawning ... give it a listen here on ...
It Should Have Been a Hit ...
       thanks - Lou
Song #58
"I'd Die"
~The Skyliners~
"I'd Die" - The Skyliners
Time to get unhooked it's ... Play Back Sunday!

Give Freda Payne's "Unhooked Generation" another spin

... cause this GAL is HOT !!!

    - Lou

Freda Payne
"Unhooked Generation"
"Unhooked Generation" - ~ Freda Payne
Here's a "Dick Clark's  Caravan of Stars" fellow traveler & friend of mine Brian Hyland with a song of his which I think many of you will agree after listening..."It Should Have Been a Hit"...
You decide...
thanks for coming...
enjoy the ride-
Song #57
"I'm Afraid to Go Home"
Brian Hyland
"I'm Afraid to Go Home" - Brian Hyland
Here's a group from Philly that got their name from a fabric. In 1962 they had three back to back monster Top Ten Hits and I always thought that this song would continue the streak for them...give it another SPIN here on this Play Back Sunday ...see what you think.
      Thanks for spinning
The Orlons
~ Going Places ~ 
"Going Places" - The Orlons
Little GTOs, a Bucket-T and a long lost girl named Sandy...Ronny & The Daytonas had it they streaked across the hot Florida sand in the 1960's.
Give this tune a listen and see if you think..It Should Have Been A Hit... 
Song #56
Ronny & The Daytonas
Sandy "
" SANDY " - Ronny & The Daytonas
Here on PlayBack Sunday we’re spinning this wild & crazy ditty again.  It’s had a long checkered career as a tune to play  … anyway two sisters & their friend from Pittsburgh came together with me on this one and we definitely got on base ... you can give it another spin now ... thanks for coming along on the ride...



Egyptian Shumba - The Tammys
Here is a song written by & produced by Smokey Robinson. Golden age Motown recording at it's best & sung by a great gal who just had a monster hit...out of the park baby!!!
Yet like so many others before no gold ring at the end of the ride.  Give it a listen... what do you think, much obliged ...             
Song #55
"When I'm Gone"
Brenda Holloway
"When I'm Gone" - Brenda Holloway
 This group's legacy is securely ensconced in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Here is one of their tunes that failed to reach hit status & for the life of me I can't figure that one out. 
On this Play Back Sunday give this hidden gem a second listen here on ...
"It Should Have Been a Hit"
Time Was - Thr Flamingos
Hey boys & girls check out this link to my recent Sirius Radio interview on YouTube...give it a look see...thanks
Click the photo to go to link to hear the show interview
  OR...use the link below
Lou Christie Says...
" It Should Have Been a Hit ! "
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