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Hi, I'm Lou Christie.
    Welcome to our new Music Blog.  
A few of my friends are jumping
 aboard to round out my newfound friendship with technology.
 I'm sure you've all heard obscure
records and songs and said...
       "It Should Have Been A Hit !"
     If you're like me you probably have
     a lot of songs that fit in that category.

      Why does this happen?  A great song that doesn't become a hit.  There are plenty of reasons.  These are the misfit records that got passed over for one reason or another.  



Here's a short list of reasons: 

~ Shady business deals done behind the               artists' back.

~ Battling over the publishing rights.

~ Greased palms at the big stations                       insured greater airplay for other songs...

Can you say, PAYOLA, boys and girls?  

~ Never released as a single.

~ Not enough airplay to catch on.

~ The artist changes labels.

~ The timing of the release wasn't           optimal.

   We're here to try to rectify some

of the injustice done to good songs.  

      To help shine the light on some songs we

love & to see if you agree ...


 "It Should Have Been A Hit !"

   I think that this is a great start and maybe you can jump in soon with a 

record or two and see who agrees with you. We hope to open this discussion

up to everyone out there with a song to recommend to the list of 


It Should Have Been A Hit



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Lou Christies "It Should Have Been a Hit!"  Where you can say...."YES! It should have been a hit! "

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