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On this page you can find past posts including the following:
Play Back Sunday - some voting boxes still open - "Lou Christie's Here Comes Summer Video" - Lou's Sirus Radio post- and the East Coast Hall of Fame post from June 2019 
   On this ISHBAH Sunday... we are putting up a Double Play of Love for all of you ... who have been good boys & girls ... wearing your mask and playing by the rules. 
   Be safe, be well.
Play Back Sunday
"Hold On to My Love"
~ Jimmy Ruffin ~ 
Hold On to My LoveJimmy Ruffin
00:00 / 04:46
Play Back Sunday
bonus second song !
" Who's Loving you" 
~ Dobie Gray ~
Who's Loving YouDobie Gray
00:00 / 05:34
   Sometimes we have to look back to move forward.
    Here is a song that talks about just that from a great singer and a great friend of mine.  I miss her and I miss the old days.
    On this Play Back Sunday lets go Back to Where We Once Belonged.
Play Back Sunday
     with VOTING
" The Old Crowd "
~ Leslie Gore ~
The Old Crowd
00:00 / 04:12
   Jimmy Webb wrote the song ... this famous group released it as the follow up to their Grammy Award winning Hit Song and album ... and yet no Hit.
Go figure.
      I say it's time to revisit the song and this album from a legendary song writer and this fabulous vocal group.
    On this Play Back Sunday
give it a listen ... give it a vote.     Thanks
Play Back Sunday
     with VOTING
" Summer's Daughter "
~ The Fifth Dimension ~
Summer's DaughterThe Fifth Dimension
00:00 / 04:05
    Today, June 20, 2020 at
5:44 pm ET...
     Let's hope the next three months are better than the last three.
     Be well my friends-enjoy my Video & your summer.
  ~ LOU
Close your eyes ... 
Take a deep breath ...
Listen to this great song by a great group from
Pittsburgh that we hope helps you get through the day ...
Play Back Sunday 
 April 26, 2020 
" Close Your Eyes "
~ The Skyliners ~ 
00:00 / 04:47
" Let Me Get Close To You "
     My song pick this week is from one the first women to achieve major stardom in the country music field. She was an influence on both Tammy Wynette & Dolly Parton and was hailed as an "Extraordinary Country/Pop Singer" by the music critic Robert Palmer in The New York Times.
    However this song's title is about something we are not suppose to do at this present time, but I do think it should be safe for you to just listen to this song.  I also think It Should Have Been a Hit. 
   Give it a Listen & Vote
                    ~  Thanks Lou
Song Pick #80
" Let Me Get Close to You "
~ Skeeter Davis ~
Let Me Get Close To You
00:00 / 05:34
     Easter and Passover usher in the Spring, a season of growth and rebirth.  However;  many people in the world this year may be feeling a sense of what this song’s title conveys.

     Although the title may be a harbinger of the times we’re all living through in the world right now, the line that rings true to me in this song is:  


    “In a helpless state of Confusion, 

         Love is the Only Solution”

      I believe that to be true and I believe that this song should have been a Hit.


     On this Play Back Sunday please give it a listen ~               



Play Back Sunday 
 April 12, 2020 
" Helpless "  
~ Kim Weston ~
00:00 / 04:05
   The seminal 60's surfer-rock duo tried bridging the musical gap with this remake of a song written by the original British Invasion Group.  It ended up as a  B-side and it didn't become a Hit ... but that shouldn't stop you from giving it a well deserved LISTEN and VOTE here on ISHBAH.
Song Pick #79
" Norwegian Wood "
~ Jan & Dean ~
Norwegian WoodJan & Dean
00:00 / 04:31
    Here's a gal who's been through a lot in her life and career and has come out on Top.
   On this Play Back Sunday ... It's a lesson for us all to learn that if you keep on keeping on "It's Gonna Work Out Fine"
Play Back Sunday 
 March 22, 2020 
" It's Gonna Work Out Fine " 
~ Ike & Tina Turner ~ 
It's Gonna Work Out FineIke & Tina Turner
00:00 / 04:57
    Heres's a song from a "Hall of Fame" group with a long string of hits and a 50 year career. This song of theirs didn't reach the top of the charts and I've always wondered why.
     It's my song pick #78.
Give it a listen and your opinion.
     You vote always counts here on ISHBAH.
           ~ Lou
Song Pick #78
" Shoppin' For Clothes "
~ The Coasters ~
Shoppin' For ClothesThe Coasters
00:00 / 06:30
~The Clouds of Rock~
East Coast Hall of Fame June 2019
Clouds of Rock (1)Lou Christie
00:00 / 08:46
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